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Ashutosh Sheshabalaya's Rising Elephant has been described as an analysis of the emergence of India, 'globalization's unexpected winner,' and how it is 'reshaping the world.'

The heavily referenced book (1,500 citations) was written in 2003, and published by America's Common Courage Press in September 2004. Macmillan followed with an Indian edition in early 2005, and a revised and updated edition in the Portuguese language was released in September 2006 by Centro Atlantico.

Excerpts from Rising Elephant at  Yale University's Center for the Study of Globalization. For the Table of Contents click here.
Bestseller on India and globalization

By mid-October 2004, Rising Elephant had risen to the Top 10 on Amazon.com's India listings and by early November, was in the Top 50 of all non-fiction books in English. It soon reached libraries of top universities like Harvard, Yale and Georgetown, as well as the World Bank's recommended reading list. In November 2005, it was still present in Amazon's India Top 10 and in the Top 25 books on globalization, both at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It is now also on the curricula of several American universities and featured in academic dissertations in Europe.

Rising Elephant has drawn encouraging responses from reviewers, accompanied by an increasing number of references in the general media, and many of its key conclusions explicitly reflected in documents such as the US National Intelligence Council's 2020 Project and by columnists in several influential newspapers. For one US reader : "This book may have answers to the urgent need for Americans to understand the powerful faraway forces ... shaping our lives." At Sulekha, a reviewer said that Rising Elephant was one of the "rare books with the potential to redefine the way Indians think about themselves (as may others), at what could well be a turning point in the country's history."

Following publication of Macmillan's paperback version in December 2004, India's leading weekly India Today noted that, supported by a "page-to-page carpet bombing of facts", Rising Elephant addresses the deficit of reasoned analysis on India and portrays its inevitable emergence "as a world power - economically, militarily and, of course, technologically."

In the Far Eastern Economic Review (a sister publication of the Wall Street Journal), Prof. Prabhu Guptara, the Director of UBS' Wolfsberg think-tank described Rising Elephant as a "tour de force", while University of North Carolina's Prof. Gerald Horne noted in Political Affairs monthly that the "persuasive, thoughtful study" showed how the "rise of India may turn out to be the most critical event of this millennium". In Germany, Prof. Dr. Dietmar Rothermund of the University of Heidelberg wrote that the book "fascinated" him and that he "read it immediately from the first to the last page".

In January 2006, Rising Elephant was cited as one of four "authoritative sources" on the implications of IT outsourcing in a report by the National Academy of Public Administration to the US Congress.

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