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Ashutosh Sheshabalaya's career during the first 15 years exposed him to a sweep of markets and industries in Europe, the US and Japan. During this period, he worked in Brussels as an accredited foreign correspondent, in public affairs (for the Japanese diplomatic mission to the EU, and for an influential European industry lobby group) and as a strategic consultant both for Fortune 500 companies and SMEs as well as official bodies.

To keep this expertise up-to-date, he continues to be involved in selected consulting assignments on key Western industry sectors. Since 2003, however, his principal focus has been to support India strategies for international businesses, and more recently, assist governments in formulating proactive policies with respect to India's emergence. For such a task, Mr. Sheshabalaya's hands-on familiarity with the business environment in the West, especially Europe, gives our customers a distinctive edge.

Mr. Sheshabalaya's book, Rising Elephant, has been extensively reviewed and cited. His works on India are on the curricula of several American universities, and have been featured in academic dissertations in Europe and in a key position paper to the US Congress. In November 2005, alongside renowned management thinker Gary Hamel, veteran political commentator Andre Gunder-Frank, MIT's Peter Senge and former Clinton Administration Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, Portugal's Centro Atlantico named Mr. Sheshabalaya one of 50 global business gurus interpreting the shape of the 21st century (click here).

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