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Debunking Eight Key Myths
"When you have got an elephant by the hind legs and he is trying to run away, it's best to let him run, advised Abraham Lincoln.Yet, eight myths stand in the way of the US's ability to grasp what's happening to it."
The Hindu, India (in review of Ashutosh Sheshabalaya's Rising Elephant).
The Eight Myths theme is taken from the Introduction of our founder Mr. Sheshabalaya's book Rising Elephant. It provides a concise overview of the forces underwriting India's emergence as a global economic and political player, alongside a look at the perception barriers in the West (and, in many cases, in India itself) which prevented a grasp of this disruptive historical process.

The book was written in 2003. Given developments since then, it is worth revisiting the Myths today. The Myths also prove useful as a reality check for our customers, in particular on the part of executives and policy leaders concerned with India.

The Eight Myths are as follows:
Myth I This new sucking sound is an echo of the previous round. Americans and Europeans have to somehow ride it out.
Myth II Relocation of white-collar jobs began after the dotcom bust and downturn.
Myth III Western white-collar jobs will go to many places, and it does not really matter where.
Myth IV India is home to a low-end software coding industry.
Myth V India’s success is easy to duplicate in other developing countries.
Myth VI India is like Japan – high impact on a few sectors but slight overall.
Myth VII Pressure on India to stem the jobs drain would be straightfoward, given it is poor and a geopolitical lightweight.
Myth VIII Such a seismic shift in power has no precedents, and may therefore be unsustainable.
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