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Ashutosh Sheshabalaya: Presentations
21st Century Innovation Models, with Andy Mulholland, Global Chief Technology Officer at Capgemini Group, and Sven Tollmien, Head of Digital Trend Unit, TRENDONE, Germany. Agoria Corporate Event 2010, Albert Hall, Brussels, Belgium, May 18, 2010.
II International Summit for SMEs, with Gunter Verheugen, Vice President, EU Commission; Mario Ohoven, President European Confederation of Associations of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises; Fernando Augusto Morais, President of Portuguese National Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. Alfandega Congress Centre, Porto, Portugal, May 9, 2009.
India and the Global Economic Crisis: Panel Discussion with Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Singapore and Thai Ambassadors to the EU. Centre Européen de Rechérches Internationales et Stratégiques (CERIS), Brussels, March 7, 2009.
India After Mumbai 26/11: Scenarios. India Forum, Caen, January 7, 2009.
Think Business, Think India - Scenarios 2010-2020 (with Digby Lord Jones of Birmingham, Minister of State for Trade and Investment): TiE, Arena and Convention Centre, Liverpool, October 2, 2008.
Ready to Roar - India's Hottest Business Sectors in 2015: 4D Investments, Paris, France, September 17, 2008.
Rising Elephant, Rumbling Mahouts - The Ugly Indian: Vistas Club, Berlin, Germany, July 8, 2008.
The EU-India Biotech Deadend, Lessons from Muddled Dependencies: Case Studies of Momenta and GPC, ProActa, Dusseldorf, May 21, 2008.
India's Budget 2008: Reading the Tea Leaves, Europe 2020, Luxembourg, March 20, 2008.
India and the BRICs - Leveraging Opportunity from Difference: 24th annual Chair Van Melkebeke. Panel with Joep Konings (Dean, Faculty of Economics, K.U.Leuven), Hiddo Houben (External Trade Cabinet, European Commission), and Baron Paul Buysse (Chairman of the Board of Bekaert), Flanders Business School, Antwerp, Belgium, March 6, 2008.
India-EU relations - Briefing for visiting Indian journalists: International Press Centre, Brussels, Belgium, February 25, 2008.
From Sub-2,000 Euro cars to Ferrari, Jaguar and beyond - Tata's drive to be the 21st century GE: 4D Investments, Paris, France, January 22, 2008.
Wallonia, India and the World - Panel with Jean-Claude Marcourt, Minister for Economic Affairs and Foreign Trade, and Candace Johnson (US), Nani Beccalli (Italy), Jacques Attali (France), Hermann Simon (Germany) and Erik Orsenna (France): CreaWAL, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, November 14, 2007.
The India-US Nuclear Agreement - Global Military and Energy Implications: Briefing for MEPs, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium, November 9, 2007.
British SMEs - Think Global, Act India: Thames Valley Innovation Network, Oxford, United Kingdom, October 18, 2007.
Making Sense of the New India: Institute of Directors, Whitehall, London, October 17, 2007.
Rising India - Insiders' Insights for Europe: Moderator at Roundtable with Members of the Indian Parliament - Dr. K. Kasturirangan, Mr. Dinesh Trivedi, Mr. Tariq Anwar, Mr. Lakshman Singh and Mrs. Preneet Kaur, The Centre, Brussels, September 19, 2007
Brabant Meets the Asian Challenge: Panel with Jean-Luc Dehaene (Member of the European Parliament and former Prime Minister of Belgium), David O’Sullivan, Director-General Trade (EU Commission), Ruud Vreeman (Mayor of Tilburg) and Martin Hinoul (former Head of Cabinet Economy and Foreign Policy, Flemish Government), European Parliament, Brussels, June 6, 2007
The Markets 2020, What Will Happen: Panel with Mark Minevich, former director for Asian affairs at  the World Economic Forum, and leading Swedish writer Johan Norberg, GLOBE Forum, Stockholm, Sweden, April 20, 2007.
When Elephants do the Leapfrog - India's Ambitious Biofuels and Renewable Energy Program : LUFPIG-GLOBE Conference with MEPs Thijs Berman and Chris Davies, and Rosário Bento Pais, Member of the Cabinet of Agriculture Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel, European Parliament, Brussels, March 6, 2007.
Three Years On - Revisiting the Eight Myths which concealed the Rising Elephant: Lisbon Business School, Lisbon, February 15, 2007.
Leveraging development: The 800-pound Siamese twin of research: India Forum, Luxembourg, November 28, 2006.
India: A Rising Technology Superpower (Marvel, Mystery, Puzzle or More ?): Associação Portuguesa para o Desenvolvimento das Comunicações, Lisbon, November 14-16, 2006.
Is Multinational R&D Heading East ? Roundtable Discussion, The Centre, Brussels (with Charles Leadbeater of Demos and Kurt Vandenberghe, Deputy Head of Cabinet of EU Commissioner Janez Potocnik), November 9, 2006.
ChIndia Inside Out, Rolled Forward: ESIC, Luxembourg, November 4, 2006.
From Rigidity to Reform and Renaissance: A bird's eye view of India and the world 1975 - 2020. Wolfsberg Forum, UBS, Ermatingen, Switzerland, October 24, 2006.
The Grave Crisis of Globalization: Evian Group / IMD, Raffles Le Montreux Palace, Switzerland, October 13-15, 2006.
Private reception for former US Vice President Al Gore, Progressio Foundation, Brussels, October 8, 2006 .
Índia: Conhecer a potência tecnológica emergente. Conference accompanying  launch of Portuguese edition of Rising Elephant, AERLIS, Oeiras, Portugal, September 26, 2006.
Does Europe really mean Business ? Financial Times, Brussels, September 12, 2006.
Real estate and energy in India - sunrise sectors or dodgy bets ? Spanish financial services group, Barcelona, July 7, 2006.
Relocation: Is there a way from zero sum to win-win ? Economic and Social Committee, European Union, Brussels, June 28-29, 2006.
ABN-Amro and the teachings of Indian IT. Fortune 100 corporation, London, June 19, 2006.
Why are Indian Institute of Management MBAs starting at 200,000 Euro salaries? BDI working group, Aachen, April 21, 2006.
India reshaping the world: 5, 10, 15 and 20 year scenarios ? Fortune 100 oil corporation, London, March 24, 2006.
Business Houses in India: The new force of old players. German engineering corporation, Munich, February 20, 2006.
What is going on with IT wages in India? IndiaForum, Cologne, January 17, 2006.
Please Sir, may I have some more. The outlook for luxury goods in India. IndiaForum, Luxembourg, December 20, 2005.
Perspectives on renewable energy technologies in India. European Parliament, Brussels, November 23, 2005.
Can India "do" IT products? University of Metz, November 22, 2005.
Understanding India's Indianness: Imperative for business success. Lhoist Group, Limelette, October 29, 2005.
The sublime silliness of near-shoring. IndiaForum, Luxembourg, October 18, 2005.
Rural India: opportunity or liability ? IndiaForum, Cologne, September 20, 2005.
Trends and evolutions in Indian offshoring. Haasrode Science Park, June 23, 2005.
India and Europe- Blind date or first date ? EU Technopolicy Forum, Helsinki, June 17, 2005.
What's this India business? Leuven Inc., June 7, 2005.
After Indian IT: What next for the world ? Copenhagen Business School, May 23, 2005.
Roundtable on India and China (with Secretary General of tech industry federation Agoria and top executives of eight Belgian companies), Trends Roundtable, Agoria,, Brussels, April 7, 2005.
The Congress budget - Continuity or break.? IndiaForum, Cologne, March 15, 2005.
India's Indianness: strength or weakness? Pavanee Educational and Cultural Trust, Bhubaneswar, December 30, 2004.
Destiny or will ? How India shapes the new millennium. Academy of Corporate Governance, Hyderabad, December 16, 2004.
What is Rising Elephant about and why I wrote it. World Economic Forum (India Economic Summit), New Delhi, December 7, 2004. [Launch of Macmillan edition of 'Rising Elephant'].
Eight myths about India that every MBA student needs to unlearn. Thunderbird University, Archamps/Geneva, November 22, 2004.

Full Text Of Early Presentations
Background note on India-EU relations. European Parliament Foreign Affairs and Defence Policy Committee, Brussels, January 1999.
Entering the Indian Market: Key Issues. ERA, Brussels, October 1998. [PDF file]
India: Investment Choice for the Long-Term. Tijd Academie, Belgium, November 1995. [PDF file]


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