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Ashutosh Sheshabalaya offers informative, well-presented talks on globalization and trends, using India as a case study. He provides thought-provoking insights so that we can better understand global opportunities. There doesn’t appear to be a topic he doesn’t understand in depth! You’d have to get up very early to catch him out – we certainly haven’t managed to!"

Lesley Anne Rubenstein, Chief Executive, Thames Innovation Centre, London, UK.

"Your presentation was, as usual, brilliant, witty, imaginative and factually-rich (and) ... the response from the participants has been unanimously positive. The content of the Think Tank was much appreciated, as was the open atmosphere in the event, with all the questions, answers and discussions. We look forward to welcoming you back to Wolfsberg sometime soon!"

Wolfsberg Forum, UBS AG, Switzerland.

"Arguing with Mr. Sheshabalaya on any point supported by quantitative evidence would be very difficult since he provides more than a sufficient amount of credible references to back his position. He appears to be one of the definitive researchers regarding the Indian economy based on this work and his previous one.... Mr. Sheshabalaya’s policy recommendations are rooted in an emancipated view of the world economy and societies as a large ecosystem requiring strategy and a quid pro quo for sustenance in the long-term."

Denise Copening, QAI, USA.

Ashutosh is one of the most astute observers of India that I know of. His book, "Rising Elephant" is a must-read for any serious observer of India's development. Ashutosh's specialises in EU-India relations (and more broadly EU-Asia relations) and his expertise in this area is second to none. I have tremendous respect and regard for his analysis and I have always enjoyed reading his forthright and evidence-backed views on diverse topics….

Shantanu Bhagwat, Partner (Asia), Amadeus Capital Partners London, UK.

Ashutosh Sheshabalaya ...  sets out a rich panorama of so many things going on in Indian Hi-Tech and Industrial development, that you have almost certainly NOT seen or understood.... Much in the world is changing. We read a lot about China - and rightly so. But "The Rising Elephant" of India is a big beast too - with which we may enjoy "co-opetition" - or we may find ourselves in some danger of being trampled underfoot ! "When China Awakes, it will Shake The World" said Napoleon Bonaparte all those years ago. But The Elephant is Rising - and Elephants are not small creatures……..food for thought…..

Alan Barrell, Chairman, Cambridge Worldwide Associates and Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Cambridge University, UK.

Ashutosh seems to have taken the best from Western and Indian cultures. His deep insight toward India, globalisation, business or technology are impressive. And always helpful.

Jean-Yves Huwart, business journalist, Trends-Tendances, Belgium.

I have worked with Tosh for well over a decade, first at FIND/SVP-Guideline and then at Revesz International. He has consisently provided insightful, in-depth research over a wide variety of industries, subjects and countries.

Té Revesz, Prinicipal, Revesz International LLC and Kentera Associates, New York, USA.

According to our evaluations, you were a very appreciated speaker ... and due to the great feedback we want to ask if you might consider participating as a speaker at Globe Forum 2008.

Alexandra Jansson, Communications Director, Globe Forum, Stockholm, Sweden.

It is never enough to say that the success of this event, witnessed by all who participated in it, was only possible thanks to the co-operation you so readily gave us and for which I express my thankful appreciation. 

Diogo Vasconcelos, Chairman of the 16th Congress for Communications, Lisbon, Portugal.

Thanks ...  for your contribution to the conference. It was very stimulating and hopefully helps people to rethink their image of the world.

Damien van der Bijl, EU Technopolicy Forum, Helsinki, Finland.

I think the imaginary draft of Mittal's speech by Ashutosh Sheshabalaya is brilliant. It really cuts deep some raw issues in globalization....

University of Delaware, USA - Class Comments, Politics of Developing Nations (Honors). 

Thank you for your inspiring and informative seminar. The way you presented India is not only eye-opening but it also increased our interest in knowing more.

Virginia Trigo, ISCTE Business School, University of Lisbon, Portugal.

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