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A highly provocative and well-researched new book about India’s growing dominance in high-technology jobs. The author makes bold to claim that India’s inevitable emergence as a world power – economically, militarily and, of course, technologically poses a long-term economic, geopolitical and societal challenge to the West. L.K Advani, former Deputy Prime Minister of India at the India Today conclave, February 2005.

In "Rising Elephant" , Ashutosh Sheshabalaya ...  sets out a rich panorama of so many things going on in Indian Hi-Tech and Industrial development, that you have almost certainly NOT seen or understood. The book is as much about Globalisation - and what it will mean in the future (and it will NOT mean Americanisation as it has in the past ! ), as it is about "Rising Elephant" - the great advance and planned advance of the Indian economy on the World stage. "Tosh" is a well informed and elegant and eloquent writer. He takes us through many details of how the Indian economy is growing - and it is NOT all call centres. There is REAL IT/, software (Bangalore now IS the largest producer / exporter of software in the World! Bigger than Silicon Valley !). There is more and more Biotech too. And an education system producing more and more scientists and business people of note. For all "World Travellers" in business - with an eye on where to invest next - or where to go next for business - "Rising Elephant" ... is an unavoidable read.... Much in the world is changing. We read a lot about China - and rightly so. But "The Rising Elephant" of India is a big beast too - with which we may enjoy "co-opetition" - or we may find ourselves in some danger of being trampled underfoot ! Prof. Alan Barrell, Chairman, Cambridge Worldwide Associates, and Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Cambridge University, UK.

This book may have answers to the urgent need for Americans to understand the powerful faraway forces ... shaping our lives... Both India and China are impacting on the world like America itself did at the turn of the 19th century, but the key lies in the difference between the two Asian giants. This is not just about technology (lots of comparative data on IT, biotech, space programs, nuclear technology etc.). It is also about society, culture and more. Amazon.com.

We are shown that India is here to stay. ComputerWorld, Denmark.

Offshoring is contributing to the decline of America as a superpower and the rise of India in its place. The Counterpoint, USA.

Addresses the broader outsourcing phenomenon in a … fascinating manner. CyberMedia News, India.

America's high-end, high-paying IT jobs are increasingly moving to India, threatening the U.S.'s predominant position in the world and setting India up to become the next superpower. Datamation, USA.

An extensive review of the rising economic power of India and Indian Americans. Prof. David Kaufer, Carnegie-Mellon University, Discourse & Society, USA.

Elephunk…. India’s software success has become integral to its quietly intensifying combination of push and pull processes on the world economy, and the global system. Economic Times, India.

The Jewel Strikes Back: Indian groups are mounting a global strategy.... It is not only about IT. India is transforming into a force in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, automobiles. Expresso, Portugal.

A tour de force. Far Eastern Economic Review, Hong Kong.

(A) brilliant analysis of how India is challenging America and the world, leveraging on its technological and human resource capabilities…. Rising Elephant is mainly about changing the balance of power in India’s favour. The Financial Express, India.

An indispensable read. Geoscopio, Portugal

Tells a few stories about the emergence of the new science and tech world power (and) explains, with solid arguments, why there’s a difference between the knowledge take-off of the ‘elephant’ and the strategies from the Asian ‘tigers’ and ‘dragons’. A ‘detail’ that few Westerners understand. Gurusonline, Portugal.

An excellent compendium to boost the morale of educated Indians who are grossly pessimistic of India's progress and it will help the West to get the right perception of India about its technological superiority, and dispel the gloomy picture on issues such as caste, religion and poverty. The Hindu, India.

Compulsive read ! Hindu Business Line, India.

Supported by a page-to-page carpet bombing of facts, Rising Elephant addresses the deficit of reasoned analysis on India and portrays its inevitable emergence as a world power - economically, militarily and, of course, technologically. India Today, India.

The key debate about relocation will have to shift away from India-versus-America to what American IT professionals need to do about retaining both their relevance and excellence. Indian Express, India.

US IT workers will end up moving to India to find jobs. Innovation Watch, USA.

Entire chunks of the Western economic system may be eroding at a pace few believed possible only a few years ago. The Journal News, USA.

Persuasive, thoughtful study. It is evident that the rise of India may turn out to be the most critical event of this millennium. The author is to be congratulated for driving his readers inexorably toward this important conclusion. Political Affairs, USA.

The real issue has become not one of lower price but quality and scale - India is on the move to outmaneuver its US competitors on a stunning array of fronts. Rediff, India.

Your book has fascinated me. I have read it immediately from the first to the last page. Prof. Dr. Dietmar Rothermund, University of Heidelberg, Germany.

I've never seen another book (on this subject [of India's rise]) that comes anywhere close to this one. Shelfari, USA.

Focuses on the remarkable transformation that India is undergoing in the economic and also in the cultural front. The Statesman, India.

One of the rare books with the potential to redefine the way Indians think about themselves (as may others), at what could well be a turning point in the country's history. Sulekha.com

(India’s) rise, which has its roots in the IT industry, will lead to profound changes in the division of labour of the whole world, and of course, in India…. World-class companies have been created in India, and will inevitably go global. Talouselämä, Finland.

There is no turning back from India. Not engaging with it may be an issue of competitive survival. De Tijd, Belgium.

What we are witnessing is thus not ‘emerging’ Asia, but the ‘re-emergence’ of a continent that comprises 60% of humanity. Die Welt, Germany, and Le Monde, France.


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