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Welcome To India Advisory

IndiaAdvisory enables policy makers to understand and make informed decisions about one of the world's largest, fastest growing and most complex economies.

Our strengths are proven. IndiaAdvisory's founder is by far one of the first to have anticipated India's emergence and assessed its implications - from business and economics, science and technology, to societal and geopolitical issues. These range from a series of US-published reports quantifying/segmenting the Indian middle class and deciphering rural India as a key driver of consumer market growth (1996), through forecasting the emergence of "medical tourism", describing Indian IT companies as potential "world leaders" and identifying five of today's eight Indian software product leaders (1997) to labelling India an "emerging IT superpower" and accurately gauging the geopolitical implications of India's nuclear tests (1998 and 1999). Over a decade ago, a European academy saw our founder not only explain the redefinition of comparative advantage accompanying India's current emergence, but also explicitly highlight the Tatas, Reliance and a then-unknown symbol of today's global corporate upheaval, Lakshmi Mittal.

These early efforts led to many more initiatives, and, as the Trendspotting section on this Website shows, our track record in anticipating the profound implications of India's rise continues to this day. They underscore the fact that we know India well, understand its contexts, and explicitly comprehend the forces which have been, and are now, driving the country. We believe, as do a growing number of people, that India will impact upon businesses, lifestyles and livelihoods, everywhere. IndiaAdvisory's job is to determine the contours and intensity of this process and, alongside our customers, transform a seeming challenge (or, in some cases, a threat) into an opportunity.

IndiaAdvisory is headquartered in Belgium, with support provided from India, the US and Europe. It was founded in 2005 by Ashutosh Sheshabalaya, an acknowledged expert on the fast-changing interfaces between globalizing India and the world. An eclectic professional career across Europe, the US, Japan and India - in journalism, public affairs and strategic consulting - provide distinct credentials for such a role; so too has a personal background which spans both the Old and New Indias.

Rising Elephant, Mr. Sheshabalaya's acclaimed bestseller about India's global economic and political emergence, has been widely cited, among others, by former Indian Deputy Prime Minister L.K Advani and in a January 2006 report by the National Academy of Public Administration for the US Congress. Many of the book's key conclusions have since been explicitly reflected in documents such as the US National Intelligence Council's 2020 Project, and by columnists in the United States and Europe. It is now also on the curricula of several American universities and on the reading list of organizations like the World Bank

While Prof. David Kaufer of Carnegie-Mellon University calls it "an extensive review of the rising economic power of India and Indian Americans," Prof. Alan Barrell of Cambridge calls it an "unavoidable read" for "all 'world travellers' in business - with an eye on where to invest next - or where to go next for business." Prof. Prabhu Guptara, Director of Swiss UBS Bank's Wolfsberg think-tank describes it in the Far Eastern Economic Review as a 'tour de force'. In France's Le Monde and Germany's Die Welt, Prof. Jean-Pierre Lehmann of Europe's leading business school IMD notes that the book's key point is the 're-emergence' of Asia, while Prof. Gerald Horne of the University of North Carolina agrees with Mr. Sheshabalaya's central thesis that India's rise may turn out to be the 'most critical event' in the years ahead.


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